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The Expedition


The scientific research will encompass surveying birds and the invasive species that threaten them. This data will inform our conservation plan


At the heart of this expedition is the goal to further the successful conservation of critically endangered island species


Interviews with the Islanders will help us to learn about local attitudes to birds and conservation, and how we can work together


The film will tell the story of the ultramarine lorikeet and of these remote islands. The film will be used to communicate the plight of island birds in the 21st century

Anthropological research

French Polynesia has endured great cultural change throughout the past two centuries, and we will investigate the effect of urbanisation upon peoples’ engagement with nature and investment in conservation. We shall compare local biological knowledge and attitudes towards conservation on the neighbouring islands of Ua Huka and Nuku Hiva, which differ in urban development and levels of persistence of traditional Polynesian culture.